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Our New Shop

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Have you been looking for ways to live more sustainably? The people at Our Green Shop are trying to do that too. You can start making  some positive choices at Bridgnorth's new, ethically ambitious,  low-waste whole-food shop at 50 Mill, Street.  Started by a group of environmentally concerned local people, it is run by the community, for the community with permanent and volunteer staff.

The shop stocks a range of whole foods, local and ethical products, plant-based, organic, fair trade and gluten free food, as well as environmentally friendly,  low-waste and non-plastic products,  toiletries and  household cleaners.

A key feature of the shop is its use of refill technology which minimises  physical waste and cuts out pointless plastic. Products such as oats, rice,  beans, lentils, nuts, dried fruits, cereals and other grains are available loose as refills dispensed from our gravity bins. You can bring your own packaging or take these home in a paper bag. 

If you are keen to use ethical household products, the shop sells toiletries such as bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars, personal care products as well as detergent and laundry refills for products such as Bio-D,  (who have some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market). We also have a  small range of bodycare refills e.g. Faith in Nature shampoos. You can have your own containers refilled or use our reusable packaging, such as jars or cleaned plastic containers.

To promote a local sustainable economy we are trying  to minimise packaging and energy usage and are sourcing  products from local and ethical suppliers and producers. The team is collaborating with local businesses who share the same ethics and are hoping to help other businesses reduce their dependency on excess packaging and pointless plastic. The aim is to make sustainability the norm rather than an exception.

Having  found premises in Low Town,  Bridgnorth, and using much of the money raised over the past 24 months  to  buy stock, pay rent,  wages, utilities and set up costs, the  shortfall of  funds has allowed volunteers to release their creativity up-cycling  furniture to make shelves. Do pop in and tell us what you would love to see on them!

 Our Green Shop is your green shop, and we can't wait to see you there!

*The risk of spreading Covid 19 has led zero and low waste shops to revise the way they operate, which depends on customers handling containers and pressing taps to refill jars and bags. Having thoroughly researched food and hygiene regulations we have decided it will be safer to operate these ourselves and we are happy serve our customers to minimise Covid19 risks. If you know what you would like from our refill containers when you arrive, ask the staff to get them ready for you while you have a wander around the shop.

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