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Our Story So Far

The idea for Our Green Shop was hatched by a group of environmental and anti-plastic campaigners together with whole-food customers of the St Mary’s Street Maximum Healthfood shop which was closing down.  The group were keen to replace old shop the with a strong independent community-run whole-food shop which sold an even wider range of ethical and sustainable products using a zero-waste “technologies” such as gravity bins, scoop bins and reusable containers. With the support of local loans, donations, fundraising, a grant from the Bright Ideas Foundation and a small “bounce back” bank loan over half of the finance needed  to go ahead was raised, however, the onset of the Covid19 lockdown in March 2020 curtailed plans to purchase the lease,

Stock, shelving, assets and equipment was purchased  from Maximum Health, but the shop was homeless, and had to move into the spare rooms of  members, then into the  lockded-down cafe80-twenty before moving to the Rectory  meeting room in East Castle Street. It certainly hasn't been a straight forward start! Without a shop space to operate from the team started a lock-down food delivery service. Creating the service has meant that  members have set up and tested operational  systems, and in particular, procedures to guard against spreading Covid 19.  

We found the shop in Mill Street when looking for a site for a pop-up shop and were drawn in by the airy space,  sunny  exterior and friendly neighbourhood. In a leap of faith, members and directors voted to sign the lease and commit to a bright future in Low Town.

 Using  minimal funds, a team of volunteers have been donating their time, expertise and creativity to bring the shop and it’s low energy delivery service  to life!


Starting small, Our Green Shop aims to grow into the shop that customers want to use and profits will be invested back into the local community. 


We very much look forward to seeing you in the shop!

The risk of spreading Covid 19 has led zero-waste and low waste shops to revise the way they operate, which depends on customers handling containers and pressing taps to refill jars and bags. Having thoroughly researched food and hygiene regulations we have decided it will be safer to operate these ourselves and serve our customers to minimise Covid19 risks. 

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